Restaurants Near Ventura Blvd San Fernando Valley LA

Restaurants Near Ventura Blvd San Fernando Valley La

Originally part of El Camino Real, the historic road connecting California’s missions, Ventura Boulevard evolved over the years into a vital commercial and cultural artery. In the early 20th century, Ventura Blvd. saw massive growth as the Valley transformed from agricultural land into a suburban community. Today, the SFV is home to film and TV studios, the Kardashians, and a booming culinary scene. Running from Studio City to Calabasas, Ventura Blvd hosts countless restaurants. From casual quick eateries to white table cloth fine dining, from American burgers to exotic Thai food, whatever you may be looking for can be found here.


San Fernando Valley’s Best Restaurant


For a peek into the vibrancy of the SFV, look no further than Bottega Taboo. Elevate your senses with the top Mediterranean and Japanese restaurant, cutting edge cocktails, hookah blends, and live music. The experience is a multi-sensory explosion of taste, sight, sound, touch, and smell. Resting on Laurel Canyon near Ventura Boulevard, Bottega Taboo is a hidden oasis in the middle of the city.


The menu is diverse, yet focused. A handful of dishes in each section ensure what they offer is done to perfection. Start your meal with a few of their most popular appetizers. Try the Shishito Peppers with wasabi crunch and lemon-garlic confit. A new spin on a classic, the Onion Soup Gratin has melted gruyere atop a crostini and served in a roasted onion bowl. The Truffle Mushroom Rice Cakes is rich yet light, featuring shemaji, king oyster, crispy enoki, and garlic cream. A kaluga caviar bump is never a bad idea to finish the first course. 


Caviar Service in LA


Speaking of caviar, Bottega Taboo serves caviar not just by the bump, but also by the ounce and pound., making it the must try caviar service in LA. Bottega Taboo Caviar serves Kaluga caviar with carmelized onion dip, preserved lemon, egg, and truffle potato chips. The flavor and texture blend is heavenly. Whether you love caviar or are looking to dip a toe into the exotic, Bottega Taboo has you covered. Make sure to pair it with one of their best bubbly drinks to get the full experience.


Menu at Bottega Taboo in LA


The menu keeps going with salads and a garden section. The Kale Salad includes heirloom tomatoes, crispy rice, cucumber, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese, pickled onion, and topped with kalamata olives. Salty, sweet, crunchy, and crisp, this kale salad stands apart from all the rest. Try the Braised Pea Tendrils for warmth, cooked with black garlic and crispy shallots. The Charred Brussels Sprouts will have you forgetting any other brussel sprout dish because of its creamy sesame dressing. 


Perfect for sharing or a quick bite, you cannot go wrong with anything on the Tapas section. One of the most popular options is the Wagyu Skirt Steak served with black truffle tare. It’s an umami flavor bomb that will leave you wanting more. For something from the sea, check out the grilled Octopus topped with Japanese chimichurri. The brightness from the sauce brings out the natural tenderness of the tendril. You may need to order two.


Finally, the entrees are about quality not quantity. They have three options, but each done with precision and care. Salmon Confit is cooked at low temperature in extra virgin olive oil, served with pea greens, crispy prosciutto, and brown rice cacio e pepe. It’s tender, delicate, and delicious. The Uni Pasta comes with bucatini in an uni cream sauce, topped with garlic shrimp and chives. The pasta is perfectly al dente, sauce balanced, and shrimp sumptuous. For a classic steak, get the 10oz Prime Flat Iron. It is shio koji marinated, served alongside seared mushrooms and topped with creamy sesame brussels sprouts. Earthy flavors with bright accents sing together to make a memorable dish.


No meal is complete without dessert and at Bottega Taboo desert is sophisticated. Starting with the lightest option, the Matcha Panna Cotta features matcha tea, berry caviar, and black sesame brittle. Soft and crunchy, savory and sweet, it’s a genius balance of flavor and texture. Second is the more classic Chocolate Coffee Trifle with dark chocolate cake, coffee liqueur mousse, and cocoa nib candy. You can’t go wrong with chocolate cake, yet there’s something about Bottega Taboo’s chocolate cake that elevates the entire experience. Lastly, the most popular dessert is the Black Sesame Cheesecake with a graham crust and an option to top with caviar. Everything about this cheesecake is unique, luxurious, and unexpected, yet harmonious and down right delicious.


Best Restaurant in Valley Village, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles


Bottega Taboo invites you to embrace the forbidden vibes. Try out new flavors and exotic foods in the heart of Valley Village. It may feel like a sanctuary removed from the city, but it is conveniently located just off Ventura Boulevard in Valley Village. Today Ventura Boulevard continues to thrive as a bustling hub, hosting a diverse array of business, restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions.