Romantic Restaurants in San Fernando Valley, Valley Village, Los Angeles

Romantic Restaurants In San Fernando Valley, Valley Village, Los Angeles

Romantic dining experiences and restaurants in Los Angeles, offer a blend of delectable cuisine and enchanting ambiance. One stand-out option is Bottega Taboo in Valley Village, the San Fernando Valley, as a top fine dining restaurant. Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, this Mediterranean and Japanese fusion restaurant gem tops the list for its intimate setting and exquisite menu.


Bottega Taboo transports diners to a romantic haven with its charming decor and dim lighting. The restaurant’s interior, adorned with warm hues and elegant finishings, creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for couples seeking an intimate evening. The seating arrangement ensures privacy, allowing guests to focus on each other and the culinary delights awaiting them. They create a multi-sensory dining restaurant experience for a date night to be shared with your loved one. 


Romantic Drinks and Cocktails for a Night out in LA


The culinary journey is one of adventure and playfulness. Known for Mediterranean and Japanese fusion flavors, the menu will tantalize taste buds. Every romantic evening begins with a drink. Peruse the cocktail menu and find Taboo Tinctures for a night out for drinks in LA


Starting with owner, Lika O’s, signature drink, the Fire Flower, with lavender, yuzu, white peach puree, vodka, hibiscus, and finished with sparkling peach juice. It’s a magical way to awaken all the senses. For something extra sweet, try the Pink Cloud with rhubarb puree, vanilla, chardonnay, fresh lemon juice, soda, and topped with cotton candy. Whimsical and fun, it will get anyone smiling. 


The Flaming Heart is an obvious choice for a romantic evening in Valley Village, with bright flavors like ginger, chili, passion fruit puree, sabe citrus, ginger beer, and pomegranate juice. Beyond the cocktail, pair your meal with a selection from the bubbles/beer/wine/sake list. The knowledgeable staff can guide you through the perfect pairing. If sake is part of your journey, you will even have the opportunity to choose your own cup to elevate the amorous vibes.


Intimate Dining at Bottega Taboo 


Once your appetite has been whet with a beverage, perusing the appetizers and shared plates  is the next move. Begin with a frisky Caviar bump, a Bottega Taboo signature, or go all-in for the Taboo Caviar Service. Caviar service can be selected by the ounce or pound, and features Bottega Taboo Kaluga caviar served alongside caramelized onion dip, preserved lemon, egg, and truffle potato chips. Turn up the heat with Spicy Salmon Crudo featuring chile crunch, serrano, and truffle oil. Speaking of truffle, the Truffle Mushroom Rice Cakes are a must share and include shemaji, king oyster, crispy enoki, and garlic cream. Try the Charred Brussels Sprouts served simply with a creamy sesame dressing and crispy shallots or the Crispy Cauliflower drizzled with miso tahini and a sprinkle of wasabi furikake.


Main Courses at Bottega Taboo


Bottega Taboo’s entree options are focused and executed to sublime perfection. First is the Salmon Confit, cooked slowly on low heat in extra virgin olive oil and served with pea greens, crispy prosciutto, and brown rice cacio e pepe. Flaky, moist, and rich, this dish is a best seller. For something more adventurous, try the Uni Pasta. Bucatini noodles are cooked al dente, served with uni cream sauce, garlic shrimp, and topped with chives. The flavors are simple, yet bold. Finally, no entree list would be complete without a steak. Get the 10oz Prime Flat Iron, which has been marinated in shio koji marinated and plated with seared mushrooms and creamy sesame brussels sprouts. It’s a modern take that showcases new flavors on a traditional dish. 


Indulgent and Romantic Desserts


Make sure to leave room for dessert. Indulgence and romance go hand in hand at Bottega Taboo, whose dessert options are outside the box. Keep it light with Matcha Panna Cotta, served with berry caviar and black sesame brittle. The Chocolate Coffee Trifle is one for legend, dark chocolate cake layered with coffee liqueur mousse and cocoa nib candy. Lastly, the third option is the absolute GOAT of romantic desserts: Black Sesame Cheesecake featuring a graham crust and an optional caviar dollop to further enhance the experience. 


LA and SFV’s The San Fernando Valley’s Most Romantic Restaurant


You’ll have to come into Bottega Taboo because of the romantic ambiance and delicious menu, to see how it is rated a top restaurant for a romantic date and night out in LA. Warm lighting, cozy nooks, and private tables are perfect for the most romantic night out in Los Angeles. Book your table at the top romantic restaurant and we’ll take care of the rest so you can enjoy a nice romantic moment.