Top 100 Influencers in Los Angeles

Top 100 Influencers In Los Angeles

Top 100 Influencers In Los Angeles Large

The Los Angeles influencer scene is as vast as its geographical landscape, from mega celebrity to niche markets. We did all the social media digging to find the top 100 influencers in Los Angeles within five popular categories: food, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and wellness. Read about familiar faces and discover some new talent as we dive into the best influencers of Los Angeles. Find out where the best place to create content is, and grow your own following. 


Top Foodie Influencers in LA : 


  1. Richard Chao @hangyblogger 

Richard Chao says, “I’m not me when I’m hungry,” relating what we all feel when we can’t get a good bite fast enough. He’s a full time food enthusiast and lives to bring exclusive content to his followers. He specializes in fun food, anything between a bun, and outrageous combinations of flavors with an audience reach of almost 300K. Check out his feed to see what the Top Foodie Influencer in LA is up to.


Ariel Ip @lastname.ip 

Originally from Hong Kong, Ariel Ip moved to Los Angeles and uncovered a food scene full of adventure. Her blend of fun and versatile content makes her a perfect influencer not just for food, but also architecture, interior design, and photography. Her photos stand apart for their dynamic quality, and she doesn’t shy away from uncommon types of cuisine. As a top food influencer, Ariel shares plenty of seafood, ramen, and noodles with her 21.7K followers. 


Bill Esparza @streetgourmetla

With a prestigious James Beard Award under his belt, Bill Esparza is an esteemed food writer and author of the widely regarded book “LA Mexicano.” His expertise spans from Mexican food, recipes, and the intricacies of the restaurant business. As the first self proclaimed “tacorazzo,” Bill shares plenty of taco content. He also includes the cooking process behind the final plate with a robust knowledge of what it takes to get there. Authenticity cannot be bought, and Bill stands firm as the top street food influencer in LA.  


Hugh Harper @hungryhugh 

By day, Hugh Harper is a professional with a 9 to 5 job. When his work day is over, he transforms into one of the most popular macro-influencers in Los Angeles. Armed with nothing more than a camera and appetite, he has a keen eye for capturing unique moments featuring delicious food. Though he has a wide range of pan-Asian content, he is a top influencer for Filipino cuisine. With a following of over 600K, he shines a spotlight on items such as turon (crispy wonton wrapped bananas), lechon (slow roasted pork), and ube desserts (purple yam).  


Ashley Rodriguez @firstdateguide 

Ashley Rodriguez is an avid explorer, always uncovering the best places to take a date, celebrate a birthday, or plan a special outing. She knows all of the newest openings and hotspots, making her a popular macro-influencer who found her voice with funny and authentic content. Her videos give plenty of information, great deals, and daily specials for her 150k followers.


Samuel B. @califoodadventure 

Samuel B. is your food bff. Every video will make you feel like you’ve known him since childhood. With an emphasis on Asian cuisine, he ventures to hidden gems and new hot spots. He has plenty of local mom and pop spotlights, trending restaurants, and gems from travels. Samuel tries it all as the top food influencer in LA, bringing his audience of 71.8k followers along for the ride. 


Rostislava Garofano @thediningdolls

Rostislava Garofano is a powerhouse of culinary information. Her content is food and high dining forward, yet her holistic approach involves travel and wellness too. Rostislava has been featured on Netflix cooking shows. Her finger rests on the pulse of the food industry, making her a go-to for all new delicious hot spots. Her following is 150k strong, with high engagement trends for the best food influencer in Los Angeles. 


David Chang @davidchang

David Chang seems to be everywhere: cooking shows on Netflix, a couple of podcasts, going viral on Instagram for microwaving something fancy, and of course the chili crunch heard around the world. His influence on the LA food scene is undeniable. You only have to visit Majordomo once to get what the hype is about. David has 1.8 million followers, making him one of the most popular food influencers in LA.


Eddie Sanchez @hungryinla

Eddie Sanchez practically wrote the guide to LA’s food scene. He’s got the ins on the newest and coolest, sort of the unofficial influencer for influencers. Eddie sets himself apart with a keen eye for photography, elevating social media platforms to new levels with new perspectives. His ongoing series, “Best sandwiches I’ve ever had,” “Only Tacos,” “My Favorite Burger,” and “Only Breakfast Burritos” are the bible of LA food, garnering views and engagement off the charts from his almost 150k followers.


Alison Roman @alisoneroman

Alison Roman may live in New York now, but as a Los Angeles native her presence on this list is mandatory. She has the Midas touch for viral recipes, hitting the pulse of social media with ease every time. #TheCookie, #TheStew, #ThePasta have cemented themselves in the hearts and bellies of anyone who uses the internet with regularity (aka everyone).


Nancy Silverton @nancysilverton

Nancy Silverton’s food history reads like a Los Angeles foodie greatest hits: La Brea Bakery, Grilled Cheese Night, Mozza. But it wasn’t always a cakewalk. Nancy’s influence shows that life’s obstacles create new opportunities. She found one of her latest successes as a chef influencer, garnering almost 300k followers. Her newest cookbook, The Cookie that Changed my Life, is out now.  


Ludovic Lefebvre @chefludo

Chef Ludo may be the most famous Frenchman in Los Angeles. His casual approach to fine dining set him apart, making his presence in the LA food scene one of necessity. From LudoBites to Petit Trois, Chef Ludo is a giant in the food industry. His new eater, Ludobob, can be found next to Ludobird, specializing in kabobs in sandwiches and on salads. Join him and his 255k followers while he cooks live on Instagram and shares a peek into what goes on behind the scenes of a chef influencer.


Maxine Sharf @maxiskitchen

Maxine Sharf is a food blogger and recipe developer. With a Korean and Chinese mom and Russian, Romanian and Polish dad, Maxine is at home with many different cultures, cuisines, and flavors. Her passion for cooking and sharing recipes is evident in her content, while her ability to connect with an online audience comes naturally. Maxine posts her recipes right into her captions, providing vegan accommodations for those with dietary restrictions. This attention to detail has paid off for the top food influencer in LA, with 2 million followers and growing.


Jessie Evans @jessie_eats

Jessie Evans has built her social media presence with intention. Her videos are fun, pictures well composed, but it’s her captions that win hearts over. Her genuine joy in all things food comes across with ease, and she is able to make her audience of almost 25k followers feel like you’re dining with your best friend. Jessie is full of recommendations on where to travel, where to eat when you get there, and what to order making her one of the best foodie influencers in LA. 


Gabby @whatsgabbycookin

Gabby personifies the modern California Girl. With fresh produce, eternal sunshine, and flip-flops every day, the community she has built since starting her blog in 2009 has grown into nearly 1 million followers. Her recipes are approachable, refreshing, healthy, and delicious. She takes the time to demystify some lesser known vegetables, provide new ways to cook the most commonly used produce (plenty of broccoli recipes!), and makes tons of fun desserts. Check out her grid and recipes to see why she’s the top food influencer in Los Angeles.


Tally @tallyfromthevalley

Tally mixes high and low, travel and local, and food and lifestyle. Her posts are playful, with a McDonald’s soft serve alongside espresso martinis. She recently visited Bottega Taboo in Valley Village and made one of her most popular reels. The restaurant is perfect for Los Angeles influencers and she even mentions it’s great for events, girls’ nights, and date nights. 


June Quan @stirandstyle

June started her social media account to marry her two passions: food and fashion. Since then, it has evolved as she has: marriage, home ownership, a pair of twins, a second pair of twins, and of course the four fur babies. As the top food influencer in LA, what remains constant is her food. She shares plenty of the home cooking, take out, deliveries, and midnight meals. June has a knack for inviting you into her space to eat in a personal way. Her 496k followers feel like part of her already big and growing family.


Adrianna Guevara Adarme @acozykitchen

Adrianna Guevara Adarme’s Instagram account feels like the limoncello tiramisu she recently shared: fresh, sweet, and familiar. She has found a modern way to make fancy dishes feel approachable and make humble dishes feel sophisticated. Adrianna also makes beautiful cocktails to go along with all her appetizing recipes. Almost 600K followers are part of her cozy kitchen, showing how effective her influence is in Los Angeles food.


Kathy Patalsky @findingvegan

No Los Angeles food influencer list would be complete without a dedicated vegan representative. Enter Katy Patalsky. She shares recipes for easy vegan dishes that are always both beautifully photographed and delicious to eat. Just ask her 20k followers who frequently engage with each post shared. Kathy provides vegan “cheat sheets” for those just learning and starting out, making her voice the top LA vegan food guide. 


Lisa @lisaeatsLA

Lisa sets the standard for trending food in Los Angeles. Her posts are not only informative, but aspirational yet attainable. The top food influencer in Los Angeles covers many different types of cuisine, whether fancy or casual. Her approach is fun, and her engagement is genuine. Lisa has almost 80k followers who she takes along on her adventures eating through Los Angeles. 


Top 20 Lifestyle Influencers in Los Angeles


Lika Osipova @likaosipova

Lika Osipova wears many hats: singer, performer, artist, musician, restaurant owner, philanthropist, and of course, influencer. Her following is 3.2 million strong, who she invites into her glamorous life. The adventure is full of delicious food, fiery drinks, high energy performances, trending events, fancy outfits, and her signature smile. Lika and her restaurant, Bottega Taboo, are featured on the newest season of Vanderpump Rules. It’s evident in her polished grid that Lika is the top lifestyle influencer in Los Angeles.


Justina Blakeney @justinablakeney

Justina is founder of design studio and home decor brand Goliath: The Jungalow. Her audience reach is massive, but she remains humble. The heart of her brand is the human connection, which is evident in every print, painting, and plant. Her love of color and pattern are infectious, her passion for art and music joyful, and her thirst for travel and new languages inspiring. Justina takes her followers along with her through her genuine lens of loving the life you create, and creating the life you love. Undoubtedly she is a top lifestyle influencer in LA.


Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner needs no introduction. We’ve seen the lip kits, we’ve heard the good morning song, we’ve seen the dancing videos. Her influence goes beyond social media, beyond Los Angeles. Kylie is a mogul, a mom, and yet still a mystery. She was able to keep an entire pregnancy under wraps, an impressive move for a top influencer.


Tana Mongeau @tanamongeau

Tana Mongeau parlayed her fame and successfully reinvented what it means to be a social media influencer. From singing, to reality TV, to a wine brand, to podcaster, Tana can do it all, and post while she’s doing it. Her 5.5 million followers are treated to bikini pics, beach pics, mountaintop views, private airplanes, concerts, events, and much more. If Los Angeles were a person, it would be Tana.


Sissy Sheridan @itssissysheridan

Dreams do come true, and Sissy Sheridan is here to prove it. She began on social media as a 16 year old making videos in her room, and has grown into an influencer with over 1 million followers. Sissy shares cute outfits, fun adventures, and playful costumes. She hosted the Nickelodeon web series “DIY with Me,” and also appeared on Disney Channel’s “Raven’s Home,”Netflix’s “Maniac” opposite Jonah Hill and “Press Play” on Universal Kids.


Sofia Richie Grainge @sofiarichiegrainge

Sofia Richie Grainge has been in the spotlight since childhood but has truly come into her own in the last year, pioneering the “quiet luxury” aesthetic. Her wedding in 2023 to Elliot Grainge catapulted her social media presence from big to massive. With makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, outfits of the day, and now a pregnancy, Sofia is just getting started. Her following keeps growing, right now with 11 million followers witness to her motherhood journey.


Becca Moore @becccamooore

Becca Moore was handed lemons, but made lemonade. The Ohio native was the victim of a robbery while attending the popular Coachella music festival. With no money nor phone, a chance meeting with a kind Uber driver turned her day around. The driver helped her for eight hours, and it wasn’t until the end of the day that he confided in her about his daughter’s medical condition. It changed Becca, opening her eyes to a more compassionate and selfless path. She immediately started a GoFundMe for him and his family, exceeding the original goal of $100,000 in the first 24 hours. Becca has been committed to using her influence for positive change.


Charli D’Amelio @charlidamelio

Charli D’Amelio rose to fame on TikTok in 2019. She was a competitive dancer for a decade before sharing dance videos on the app, but once she started there was no stopping her train to fame. By March 2020 she was the most followed creator, and today is the second most followed user. Charli won Dancing with the Stars in 2022, has two books under her belt, a podcast, a nail polish collection, a mattress, a makeup line, a clothing line, and a multi-product company. Known as TikTok’s biggest star, Charli’s influence is top notch.


Dixie D’Amelio @dixiedamelio

Dixie D’Amelio’s rise to fame parallelled her sister, Charli. Dixie has parlayed her fame into a music career, as well as a podcast. Her first single, “Be Happy,” has over 86.1 million streams on Spotify, and she has signed with iconic producer, LA Reid’s label, HitCo Entertainment. Dixie is the third highest earning TikTok star and has 21.6 million followers on Instagram.


Devon Lee Carlson @devonleecarlson

It was a chance encounter with Miley Cyrus that would change Devon Lee Carlson’s life trajectory. A picture with Devon’s handmade phone case drew attention to her small brand, and she struck while the iron was hot. Now her brand @Wildflowercases is a household name for Gen Z. Devon has over 1 million followers and shares everything from fashion campaigns to cute pets. She has a timelessly cool, classic LA vibe that audiences can’t get enough of.


Addison Rae @addisonraee

Addison Rae dropped out of college, with the support of her parents. She moved to LA to take her social media career more seriously, and it paid off. Within months she was the fourth most popular creator on TikTok, and began to expand to other platforms soon after. Aside from dancing and creating content, Addison has a podcast and launched a cosmetics line. As a top lifestyle influencer in LA, she has 36.3 million followers on Instagram, who engage frequently and enthusiastically with her purely original content.


Christina Najjar @tinx 

Christina Najjar, aka Tinx, aka TikTok’s older sister, aka an amalgamation of all 5 spice girls, is an influencer. She found her niche with humor, advice, and hot takes. Her narrative is comedically dry, kind of spicy, and brutally honest, a combination that surprisingly works. Listening to her talk about celebrity gossip feels like chatting with your funniest friend. Tinx struck a chord with more than half a million followers. She is also a NYT Best Selling Author and host of a podcast aptly named “It’s me Tinx.”


Laura Lee @larlarlee

Laura Ann Lee started as a makeup artist who wanted to share some of her best looks. This grew into makeup tutorials, hacks, and eventually product reviews. By 2014, she was a full time beauty guru on YouTube. She has collaborated with Too Faced, Violet Voxx, MAC Cosmetics, and Benefit. Feeling ready to branch out on her own, Laura launched her own brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles. Two other companies soon followed, Nudie Patootie, and Minimla for a top lifestyle influencer in Los Angeles.


Jenn Im @imjennim

Jennifer Dohee Im began vlogging in 2010 with a series titled ClothesEncounters. Her partner at the time left for college, but she continued creating content. By 2019 she had over 300 million views, and today has over 3.07 million subscribers. Jenn launched her clothing brand, Eggie, in 2017 with high acclaim. She has collaborated with Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Macy’s, Clinique, and ColourPop. Jenn Im’s content has evolved, as she has evolved, and the addition of her toddler food videos have brought an extra special dimension to her broad influence. 


Liz Shamooni @lizinlosangeles

Liz Shamooni epitomizes a Los Angeles lifestyle blogger. Her specialties are Amazon dupes, designer alternatives, and wardrobe staples. Her personal style is fun, yet approachable, attainable, yet polished. As a top lifestyle influencer in LA, Liz has a knack for engagement, drawing in her audience of more than 20k followers into her world. 


Jessica Carrie Lee @jessicacarrielee

Jessica Carrie Lee describes herself as resourceful and highly motivated. These qualities show through on her many accomplishments at her young age. Through the founding of her own company, Jessica created content for 100+ brands such as Hilton Hotels, Bose, Sephora, Uber, Ulta, and Revolve. Her social influence is international, and shares fashion and beauty tips, as well as student hacks and personal stories. Jessica was awarded #1 boba influencer on Instagram.


Mackenzie Dudzik @mackenziedudzik

Mackenzie Dudzik, or Mack to her friends and followers, is a lifestyle and travel focused content creator. Her life in Los Angeles is colorful, bold, and playful, where she engages with her community of over 150k followers on Instagram. She is also a host, actor, and storyteller. She has worked with top brands like Beis, Dunkin, Barbie, and Marriott, and she has been published in Marie Claire, Los Angeles Magazine, and New York Post. Her content is high quality, story-driven and converts.


Celeste Wright @celeste_wright

Celeste Wright is a quintessential LA lifestyle influencer. Her feed is aesthetic, posts curated, and photos edited. She loves sharing about motherhood, kid activities, hacks, recipes, stories, and Disneyland. Growing up in LA has given her a vast knowledge of the city, and she has many recommendations based on whatever era of life you are in. Celeste describes her style as “cottage chic” and lives in Pasadena. Her Instagram following is almost 100k followers, with strong engagement from a supportive community.  


Vanessa Espinoza @nessa_smalls

Vanessa Espinoza shares everything from her twins, to fitness, to food, and everything in between a top lifestyle influencer in Los Angeles. Her content is hilarious, relatable, and welcoming for her nearly 100k followers. Vanessa doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is evident in her light-hearted approach. Everything about her is extremely relatable: mom content, wife content, and even her glam selfies. Vanessa’s podcast is called Tea w/ Bestie, and it’s exactly how it feels.  


Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen

Although food is a big piece of her content grid, Chrissy Teigen is firmly a lifestyle influencer. With a beautiful house, soulful husband, gorgeous babies, and adorable dogs, her life would seem impossibly perfect. But what makes Chrissy human is her willingness to share the not-so-perfect as well. She opens up about grief, anxiety, loss, and insecurity, which makes her more relatable than other celebrities. Her audience is more than 40 million strong, her voice is powerful, and when she tells you to cook something, you just do it. Chrissy is one of the top lifestyle influencers in LA.


Top Fashion Social Media Influencers in Los Angeles


Aimee Song @songofstyle 

What started as a blog in 2008 would grow into something unimaginable for Aimee Song. Interior design was her initial subject, but her passion for fashion is what helped launch her into worldwide influence. She has a noteworthy Instagram account of about 374k followers, about 28,000 YouTube subscribers, and receives about 2 million monthly visits to her blog. As the top fashion influencer in LA, her grid has perfected the fine line between polished and undone, positive and realistic, and high fashion with an edge.


Julie Sarinana @sincerelyjules 

Julie Sarinana isn’t just a trendy influencer, she has a cool factor that can’t be faked. Born in Durango, Mexico, a FIDM alum, and LA resident, Julie started her blog, Sincerely Jules, in 2009 because she needed a creative outlet to share ideas, style, and inspiration. As the top fashion influencer in LA, she built a following of 7.8 million on Instagram with content that converts. She brought #ootd to life with sharp details, playfulness, and again, that cool factor that she just has. 


Rumi Neely @rumineely 

Rumi Neely created the aesthetic grid, pioneered the influencer clothing line, and transitioned from blogger to celebrity. She is the influencer’s influencer. Her style evolved from the early days of Fashion Toast, but a few signature things have remained eternal: her long hair, sharp cat-eye makeup, and Pellegrino sparkling water. Rumi’s clothing brand, Are You Am I, is wildly successful, and her Instagram account has a reach of 686k followers. Scrolling through her grid feels like getting lost in a field of wildflowers. 


Brittany Xavier @brittanyxavier 

Brittany Xavier debuted her blog, Thrifts and Threads, in 2013. Immediately she was a breakthrough in the fashion blogger sphere, and by 2015 had worn an award for her work. She has a keen eye for details and deals. Originally sharing vintage and thrift finds, she has since collaborated with major brands like Forever 21 and Levi’s and has been featured in publications like Glamour and Refinery29. Her Instagram following is 1.6 million supporting her on her life journey through marriage, motherhood, and a new era of content creating.


Emily Schuman @emilyschuman 

Emily Schuman is THE archetypal Los Angeles lifestyle influencer. By establishing her brand as a viable commercial success, she is an undisputed blogging giant.  Emily curated and paved the way. Back in 2008 she started Cupcakes and Cashmere, a simple outlet for her to share and reference beauty, food, interior design, and fashion. Steady focus and patience helped her grow into an author of two best-selling books, a clothing collection, a product launch with Target, and a luxury candle line. She has mastered the art of mixing lows and highs, inspiring her 600k followers with her luxurious but achievable looks.


Olivia Lopez @olivialopez 

Olivia Lopez was 14 when she started her blog Lust for Life, and grew it into a massive online following, a podcast, and a design studio. As the top fashion influencer in LA, her impeccable sense of style is fun, unexpected, and sophisticated. Even as she evolves, there is a timelessness and effortlessness to her aesthetic that resonates with her audience. Her roots are from the Philippines, she grew up in LA, and is currently bicoastal traveling to and from NY often. In addition to fashion, travel and interior design have elevated her social media platforms for her almost half a million followers.


Liz Cherkasova @lateafternoon 

Liz Cherkasova lives a very different life these days, homesteading in upstate NY. But as an LA native we couldn’t compile this LA influencer list without her. Her personal style encapsulated an entire era for the entire city. She may not be posting from Downtown LA or Melrose Trading Post anymore, but her photos elicit the same feelings of magic, mystery, and a touch of edge. She wears many hats as model, marketer, blogger, and social media guru, and has been featured in print with Vogue Germany, Nylon Japan, and Seventeen Magazine. 


Ann Marie Hoang @mstr_of_disguise 

Ann Marie Hoang is a versatile chameleon, as her handle “Master of Disguise” so perfectly encompasses who she is. She transitioned from salon hair stylist, to photoshoot hair stylist, to wardrobe styling, to worldwide influencer. Her style is one of a kind, a blend of funky, trendy, and innovative. She mixes masculine and feminine, historical and futuristic, and mainstream and alternative. Ann has collaborated with industry giants like Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande, Drake, Future, Halsey, and Nicki Minaj. On top of her music video success, she has styled commercial campaigns including Levi’s, Foot Locker + Ariana Grande’s perfume and hosted a 4-part series for Vice “The Audacity of Design”. She is a true pioneer in fashion, as the top fashion influencer in Los Angeles. 


Emma Chamberlain @emmachamberlain 

Emma Chamberlain wasn’t YouTube’s first big hit, but she has certainly become the most influential. Emma left high school and began uploading videos to the mega platform in 2016. By 2023 her YouTube channel reached 12 million subscribers and gained a total of 1.61 billion video views. Emma covers tops including cooking, fashion hals, car vlogs, and dancing. She loves to collaborate with other content creators and is often seen featuring them in her own videos or being featured within theirs. Emma doesn’t take herself too seriously, with a strong authentic voice and periodically self-deprecating humor. Her editing style was a huge hit for her massive audience. She has since broken out of the Youtube box and is a major player in high fashion collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton.


Chriselle Lim @chrisellelim 

Chriselle Lim was destined for the fashion industry. She began as a wardrobe stylist, putting in hard work on editorial shoots with many high-profile companies and celebrities. In 2011 she founded her blog, The Chriselle Factor, where she shared daily musings and personal style. Shortly after that, she launched her YouTube channel to empower and inspire women to find their style and to do so confidently. Since then, 650k+ people have subscribed to her YouTube channel with over 29 million views. Her Instagram following is 1.5 million deep with strong engagement levels. Chriselle has worked with many top brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Coach and the Banana Republic.


Eugene Lee Yang @eugeneleeyang

Eugene Lee Yang is not your typical fashion influencer, but his style is too strong to keep him in a box. He did freelance work producing music videos, and writing and filming commercials, this experience led him to Buzzfeed. There he focused on short format video production and was given free control of experimental video production. His exploration of new modes of storytelling evolved into the Try Guys, and from there he became a household name. Eugene is a passionate activist and author with a novel coming soon. With 2.4 million followers on Instagram, he has created an online community of authenticity, inclusion, and diversity.   


Rocky Barnes @rocky_barnes

Rocky Barnes embodies the true LA boho luxe vibe. As the top fashion influencer in LA, her impact goes beyond her 3.4 million followers on Instagram and her wildly popular blog. She is literally living the dream, traveling from LA to NY, modeling with legendary brands, and documenting it all for social media. Her ski outfits are as cool as her beach looks, while her evening dresses are as effortless as her daytime ensembles. Rocky’s accessories game sets the trends for everyone else – whether it’s a body chain, layered necklaces, or big hoops. She shares tidbits of our adorable family in addition to travel tips and design details. 


Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad

It sounds weird to call her a reality star, but in 2004 that’s how Lauren Conrad entered our lives. It was MTV’s first season of Laguna Beach, a show based on Lauren and her friends. After Laguna Beach, it was the Hills. And after the Hills, she pivoted to blogging where she established It is an online lifestyle destination, where Lauren curates the best in fashion, beauty, food, family, home décor, and more. She has over 6 million followers on Instagram, is a NYTimes bestselling author, and a fashion designer. 


Parker York Smith @parkeryorksmith

Parker York Smith is The Looksmith and he is here to help. He shares his passion for a well put together outfit and loves taking suggestions or questions from his audience on new looks. As a self proclaimed fashion geek, Parker’s influence in Los Angeles and beyond has been undeniable. He has almost a million followers on Instagram, 1.3 on TikTok, and 500k on YouTube. Helping you feel confident and having fun with fashion is Parker’s mission and what makes him the top fashion influencer in Los Angeles.    


Helen Owen @helenowen

Helen Owen contains multitudes: influencer, model, blogger, designer, traveler, content creator, road paver.  After graduating college in 2015, she took her organic following on social media and built a personal lifestyle brand. Helen’s Instagram boasts 1.5 million followers, not too shabby for a self-made influencer without signing to representation. From beach to desert, snowy mountain top to poolside cabana, Helen’s curated aesthetic is chic, timeless, and simple. 


Marjan @youngcouture_

Marjan Tabibzada is a giant in the makeup industry, a leading influencer, and an incredible artist. Her creative talent began after high school, when she worked at MAC Cosmetics while attending college. During this time, she started recording makeup tutorials and sharing them on Instagram. It didn’t take long for her to amass 1.5million followers. Marjan uses creative and unconventional methods to apply makeup. Her videos were perfect for TikTok, and there she has over 3.5 million followers. Wherever you follow her, she continuously provides quality content.


Faith Bui @nobootybuii

Faith Bui arguably has the cleanest grid on Instagram. Her pictures are mostly romantic girly outfits set against stark modern design. The combination works time after time, giving her aesthetic a balance of hard and soft. With a following of almost 141k on Instagram, Faith creates modern content for the modern social media user. 


Janna Em @janna.em 

Janna Mae is an unexpected mix of fashion and fun. Her style is spunky and playful. As a digital creator based in Los Angeles, she works as a producer at Buzzfeed Pop. Her Instagram community of 100k followers is one of the most welcoming places on the internet. She shares outfits, food, scenery, music festivals, and anime making her one of the top fashion influencers in Los Angeles.  


Stephanie Jakubek Payette @simplystephjaye

Stephanie Jakubek Payette has built an online presence full of dreamy travels, perfect outfits, a fairytale wedding, and yummy treats. With strong engagement levels, her reach stretches to Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter, where thousands of followers routinely share in her curated feed. Her outfits are girly, polished, and colorful. It’s her keen sense of fashion that helped cement her as an LA Influencer.


Casey Lynn Hancock @caseypaintings

Casey Hancock isn’t a typical fashion influencer. She’s a painter with a massive following. But her casual outfits are trendy, authentic, and totally mainstream. She paints in denim, sweats, sweaters, and t-shirts, and although it sounds simple enough, Casey makes them seem cooler than normal. Maybe it’s her paintings giving the photos an extra touch, or the pain splatters on her pants that set her apart. Whatever it is, she is the best fashion influencer in Los Angeles.


Top Beauty Influencers in Los Angeles 

Rihanna @badgalriri

Rihanna can do anything, be anything, sell anything. She is an influencer without trying, an icon with an IDGAF attitude. That’s what makes her so cool. But it’s her beauty brand Fenty Beauty that completely changed the game. From the widest array of skin tone color match to new formulas for long-lasting lipstick, Fenty and Rihanna’s mark on the beauty industry continues to have a long-lasting effect. Check anyone’s makeup bag and you’re bound to find at least one Fenty product. 


Lauren Giraldo @laurengiraldo

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Lauren Giraldo started on the now defunct Vine in 2013 as Princess Lauren. She was 15. Three years later, she had grown her following to 3.3 million, packed up her bags, and moved to LA. Today with over one million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and TikTok, Lauren has dabbled in acting and singing. Her treadmill workout “12-3-3-” also went viral. But it’s her skincare and beauty routines that keep her community engaged. From new techniques to product recommendations, Lauren is a top beauty influencer in LA.


Hailey Bieber @haileybieber

Hailey Bieber reinvented the beauty influencer game. She changed the meaning of glazed donut, pioneered the clean girl aesthetic, and got freckles trending. Her beauty line, Rhode, was a bold venture, but has paid off tenfold. She is dedicated to making products with scientifically beneficial formulations. As the founder and creative director, Hailey has a hand in everything from product testing to packaging. Her Get Ready with Me videos show precisely what products she’s using and how she uses them. Everything from her hair cut to nail polish combo is replicated by the public, showing her colossal influence in the LA beauty world.  


Jonathan Van Ness @jvn

Jonathan Van Ness started his career as a professional hairstyling working between LA and NY. He grew his clientele and brand, branching off into comedy, TV, books, podcasting, and beauty guru. Through every phase his message has always been about inclusivity, self-care, and positivity. Jonathan started JVN Haircare to inspire all people to be their best selves and to honor the uniqueness of each individual. His humor and appeal has transcended mainstream media, and with 5.7 million Instagram followers his infectious smile is here to stay.


Michelle Lee @heymichellelee

Michelle Lee’s Instagram is nails, skincare, hair, and products. However, her depth of knowledge is beyond what a simple caption can contain. With nearly 200k followers, you would think her influence stopped at social media. What most don’t know is that she is a legend in the beauty industry and continues to rock the boat as a leader. Michelle worked as Editor in Chief and Chief Marketing Officer for Allure, Nylon, and Nylon Guys. During her time at Allure, Lee increased the diversity of the brand and was one of the first digitally-savvy editors at Conde Nast. She made headlines when she banned the term, “anti-aging” as well as featured a Muslim model on the cover of the magazine. She was awarded Editor of the year in 2017 and Allure named magazine of the year. On top of all that, she still has the coolest manicures in the game as the top beauty influencer in LA.


Jenny Solares @es_jenny_solares

Jenny Solares is arguably the most down-to-earth beauty influencer. Her videos are funny, relatable, and genuine. She shares content on many topics, ranging from Hispanic mom humor to body positivity. But it’s her beauty videos that helped her stand out in the social media world. Jenny has 746k followers on Instagram, reaching through the phone screen to help your makeup look better and make you laugh while you attempt a cat eye.


Elizabeth Monzon Sanchez @elizabeth__monzon

Elizabeth Monzon Sanchez organically grew her community of followers to almost 200k with uncomplicated content: outfits, beauty, makeup, working out, food, and coffee. It’s her approachable calculation that appeals to many. Clothes from Fashion Nova and Forever 21, makeup from the drugstore, and a few simple steps of skincare. 


Julie Civiello Polier @julieciviellopolier

Julie Civiello Polier is a celebrity facialist, holistic esthetician, Reiki Master, spiritual motivator, and intuitive guide. Her goal is to guide clients to tap into their own higher selves. Her background is diverse, with training in movement, voice, massage, breathwork, spiritual psychology, and energy studies. Julia’s community of likes, comments, and replies is built on trust and openness. Responsive yet respectful, Julia’s followers reach upward of 122k. She has worked with top brands like True Botanicals, OSEA, Jenni Kayne, and celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Christy Turlington, Inez and Vinoodh, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn.


Emily Cheng @emilychengmakeup

Emily Cheng is your favorite beauty influencer’s favorite beauty influencer. She is a makeup artist for Sophie Ritchie Grange for Vogue and Porter, Billie Eilish at the Golden Globes, Yara Shahidi for Dior… and that’s just the most recent rows of her Instagram grid. The category is FACE and Emily is serving. She has 53k followers and half of them are celebrities. No wonder she is the top beauty influencer in Los Angeles


Amy Serrano @amyserrano

Amy Serrano is an up and coming face in the beauty influencer world of Los Angeles, Mexico City, and everywhere in between. She made a splash as a partner with Nordstrom, sharing her favorite beauty counter products with her fanbase of 45k and growing. 


Sandra Carolina @sandracarolinax

Sandra is another fresh face in beauty influencing. There’s nothing complicated about Sandra. She’s beautiful, and she smiles fully. She’s happy, and shares her journey to marriage with her wonderful partner. She loves her family, Disneyland, and traveling. In the world of beauty influencers, not everyone has to be edgy. Sandra is a testament to a simply fulfilled life and the content it creates.


Quana Ari Yair @4ever_juana_ari_yair

Quana Ari Yair is an influencer and content creator focused on fashion and all things beauty. She has partnered with numerous brands like Rozuri, Well People, Beauty For Certain, Sable Labs, Beyond Yoga, and Parachute. Quana’s Instagram is a rich supportive community of nearly 25k followers, friends, and fans.


Ariel @makeupbyariel

In the world of beauty influencers, Ariel is the crown prince. His name goes hand in hand with the Kardashians and Jenners, while he built his own following of 2.6 million users. Ariel’s makeup is sophisticated and sexy with a bit of attitude. He has flawless technique and impeccable instinct with light and color. No wonder he’s a top beauty influencer in LA.


Paul Fino @paulreactss

Paul Fino is a fragrance and beauty influencer. He found his niche piece of the internet by trial and error, but he eventually found the winning equation. He tests out every fragrance, from the highest brands to the lowest, and reacts to them with the same humor and honesty. He has a positive energy about him, and his joy in creating carries through each post. His following on Instagram is almost 44k and TikTok holds 1.4 million.


Jeffree Star @jeffreestar

Jeffree Star is one of the original beauty influencers of Los Angeles. He built a persona, a character, and has been able to expand from just a content creator to a cosmetics mogul. His product line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, has a huge following of 6 million and continuously sells out each product drop, from eyeshadow palettes to lip glosses. He is a media savvy innovator who isn’t shy with controversy. With 13.9 million followers on his personal Instagram account, his formula seems to be working.


Mario @makeupbymario

Makeup by Mario is his own entity. He’s the top beauty influencer in LA, but he’s also something else entirely… a trailblazer, a pioneer, a guru. His master classes feature bff Kim Kardashian regularly, and a captive audience hangs on his every word and gesture as he paints the most famous face in current pop culture. Mario is not just an influencer, he has influence. And not just that, he has his own makeup line. Naturally, he uses it more than anything else when doing makeup, in addition to many other makeup artists and celebrities reaching for his products time and again. He brought baking, contouring, and highlighting to the masses, a small gift to us mere humans from the makeup god that is Mario.


Keira Ashley @kieraashleyhair

Keira Ahsley describes herself as a global hairstylist, a term that so perfectly encompasses her influence and talent. Her videos showcasing hairstyling for black girls and women is a love letter to them directly. It’s a way to feel seen and beautiful exactly how they are. Her touch is gold, from cutting to styling. Keira loves to share her favorite hair care products, host giveaways, and drop workout vids. Her community of almost 17k followers join her joyful journey through life.


Camy Lorena @itscamylorena

Camy Lorena is a digital creator who stands comfortably behind and in front of the camera. She is passionate about photography, special effects makeup, and event planning. She has nearly 15k followers on Instagram where she shares makeup tips, beauty hacks, and sexy outfits making her a top beauty influencer in LA.


Alexandra Ward @skinward.edit

Alexandra Ward is your beauty bestie. She is both a makeup artist and esthetician, giving her an advantage in beauty influence. With her wealth of experience, she loves sharing get ready with me videos, makeup reviews, and try ons. Her videos are simple and easy to follow, where she shows how to apply makeup and what products she’s using. Her following is almost 13k and growing, and her engagement levels are through the roof.


Julie Hassett @juliehasit

Julie Hassett is a real professional. Her resume boasts Emmy & MUAHS Guild Award nominations, special effects, body paint, and face paint. Scrolling her Instagram grid feels like falling down the rabbit hole of fantasy and cosplay. With 12.5k followers (one of them being THE Ariana Grande herself) Julie is not just a beauty influencer, but she’s an industry player.


The Best Fitness, Health, and Wellness Influencers from Los Angeles


Michelle Lewin @michelle_lewin

Michelle Lewin is a fitness industry star, a long way away from working in a local clinic in Venezuela. The power of social media has allowed her to reach fans all over the world. 

Part fitness model, part bodybuilder, part bikini babe – Michelle is visible all over the globe. After immigrating to America in 2012, she has become the latin queen of the fitness scene and her svelte figure has graced over 30 magazine covers, from Sports & Fitness to Her Muscle & Fitness to Iron Man. She has over 16k followers on Instagram and specializes in fun workouts you can do anywhere.


Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines pioneered the wellness and fitness industry with social media. As a top fitness influencer in LA, she shares high intensity, strength, pregnancy, post pregnancy, and low impact workouts with a fanbase of more than 16 million. Kayla does an amazing job with connecting to an online audience while making her workouts usable for beginners, experts, and anyone in between. Her content is approachable, digestible, and doable.


Jeff Seid @jeff_seid

Bodybuilder Jeff Seid is a fitness icon. With almost 5 million followers on Instagram, 2 million followers on Facebook, and 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Jeff’s influence on the fitness community is far reaching. At 19 he won the IFBB professional bodybuilder National Championships, making him the youngest to ever do it while beating over 100 other athletes. Jeff also competed and won Mr. Olympia three times and holds multiple professional wins in other competitions. He is the top fitness influencer in LA.


Massy Arias @massy.arias

Massy Arias’ mission is to set an example of how adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can alter individual lives. She uses a holistic approach, finding balance between the mind and body without focusing on the physical aesthetic of a perfect body. She takes her following of 2.7 million people, mostly women and helps inspire them with daily workouts, motivation, and humor. Massy’s passion for wellness is infectious.


Emily Skye @emilyskyefit

Emily Skye is a fitness influencer, strength training expert,  and the face of FIT, the digital fitness app that helps women worldwide. She focuses on helping women build strength and confidence while staying active through pregnancy and rebuilding post-pregnancy. Her content is upbeat, positive, and motivating, with her unique personality always shining through. Her Instagram community reaches almost 3 million people, making her a top wellness influencer in Los Angeles.


Kelsey Wells @kelseywells

Kelsey Wells is a personal trainer, wife and mother. Her mission is to share what she loves doing: creating a healthy lifestyle that helps her care for her family, feel strong, and exude confidence. She knows the struggles that moms experience, where you’re left pouring from an empty cup. Kelsey’s social media influence will help anyone fill their own cup, to practice self care, and ultimately be able to care for others in a better way. 3 million followers join her as she shares workouts, inspiration, and motivation to be your best self.


Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl

The top yoga and wellness influencer in Los Angeles, Rachel Brathen’s social media reach has branched to new things. A big part of what she shares now is pregnancy, babies, plants, and meditation, with some yoga sprinkled in. Her evolved social media shows how to break out of your own box, how to share fully about who you are and what you do, and how to not limit yourself. With almost 2 million followers, Rachel’s influence hasn’t waned.


Jen Selter @jenselter

As her bio says, Jen Selter is an OG influencer. She showed the world how to squat, the power of the glute, and the broad reach of Instagram. With 14 million followers behind her, Jen is still doing what she does best. She shares plenty of aspirational content, healthy recipes, and workouts that you can do anywhere. 


Simeon Panda @simeonpanda

Simeon Panda is one of the most influential fitness professionals in the world. With a following of up to 17 million across social media platforms, his positive energy and respectable work ethic are tangible even through digital content. He shares bodybuilding working outs, gym selfies, and even some sweet family pictures making him the top fitness influencer in LA.


Karina Elle @karinaelle

Karina Elle started as a model, but fell in love with fitness. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular and widely recognized wellness influencers in the world. A regular at Gold’s Gym in Venice, Santa Monica bike path, and Malibu Gym, she shares everything from yoga flows, to weight lifting, to HIIT circuits. She also loves to travel, be outdoors, and hang out at the beach. She is the top fitness influencer in Los Angeles for many reasons.


Jen Fraboni @docjenfit

Doc Jen is a physical therapist, with a wealth of information on how to train your body to feel its best. Her videos are well thought out, edited and produced at a high professional level, and most importantly, easy to follow for the novice. She provides simple stretches and exercises for common pain and tightness in the body, and speaks to the person as a whole. Her tips are simple, helpful, and effective. With 681k followers, Jen’s influence reaches beyond social media. Her podcast and mobility plans are wildly successful and always eagerly awaited.


Marie Grujicic @silkymariesky

Marie Grujicic seems like she was born to be a yoga and wellness influencer. Her roots are from Corsica, the wild island of France, her background is in dance, and she even worked at a burlesque show. Today she is an Alo Yoga ambassador, hosts yoga treats around Los Angeles and international cities, and continues to share gorgeous pictures of yoga postures. With almost 20k followers on Instagram, Marie’s passion for yoga is contagious.


Shiela Dantes Advincula @bohemian_heart

Shiela Dantes Advincula is a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, zumba instructor, and plant enthusiast. She shares what she loves with dynamic photos, cool outfits, and lots of greenery. There’s a balance between strength and ease that is evident in each photo and posture she shares. Her grid brings joy and calm to her robust following of 121k supporters, making her a top wellness influencer.


Koya Webb @koyawebb

Koya Webb embodies what it means to be the top wellness influencer in LA. She has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, with her posts regularly shared throughout the yoga and wellness community. Koya found yoga after a track injury derailed her competitive athletic career. She recognized the physical and mental benefits of yoga and married that with the work ethic of her athletic history. Today she is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, author, speaker, and vegan activist with a core mission to promote daily self-care, oneness to nature, and living gently to combat social injustice and global warming. 


Kimmy and Crissy Chin @chintwins

Kimmy and Crissy Chin are identical twins who share their connection to each other in hopes to awake that connection between all of us. They both practice and teach yoga, with a background in dance and modeling. They started their Instagram account together, with no idea how much it would grow. Today they have 92k followers and a community who engages with support and openness. 


Hiro Landazuri @actionhiro

Hiro Landazuri is an influencer, yoga teacher, and photographer with a background in medicine. 20 years ago, he found yoga after a running injury left him stationary. He was drawn in by the physical challenge of practice and stress relief that immediately followed. Hiro has almost 300k followers, watching his videos on how to get better alignment, how to condition for arm balances, and how to use props to deepen your practice. His content combines all his previous background skills, and displays his wellness influence in LA and beyond.  


Venus Lau @venus2bfab

Venus Lau wants to help you be fit over 40. She shows the possibilities of the body and mind, and how to use both to achieve your goals. She helps her followers move better and feel awesome. Her signature animal flow is a groundbreaking movement that simplifies and modifies yoga-esque postures in a completely different way. With 131k followers, Venus creates content to inspire, motivate, and encourage making her the top fitness influencer in LA. 


Jessamyn Stanley @theunderbellyyoga

Jessamyn Stanley has turned the wellness world upside down. She has altered how we think of wellness influencers, how to smash the box open, and how to exist joyfully outside of it. She teaches yoga for all bodies, shapes, and sizes. Her platform hosts 140k followers, and even more on OnlyFans. As the top wellness influencer in LA, Jessamyn created her online community through inclusion, diversity, and love.


Kelly LeVeque @bewellbykelly

Kelly LeVeque’s background is immense: certified functional nutritionist, wellness expert, and author. She also worked in the medical field, then moved into personalized medicine, offering tumor gene mapping and molecular subtyping to oncologists, before striking out on her own to start her business. She started Be Well by Kelly and finds her work as a holistic nutritionist to be the most rewarding of her career. Kelly has more than half a million followers on Instagram, hundreds of subscribers to her nutrition plans, and many more who derive inspiration from her influence.


Liv Lo Golding @livlogolding

Liv Lo Golding contains worlds upon worlds: certified breathworker, yoga instructor, lactation counselor, founder of @wearewomom, and wellness influencer. She came to yoga after the loss of her brother, and breathing was how she could process the grief. Her posts cover everything from family life with two young children, fitness, beach days, food, and breastfeeding. There’s a refreshingly authentic feeling to her grid, something achievable by someone not actively trying to influence. Liv leads her 254k following with a down to earth nature.


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