Where to watch Vanderpump Rules And What to Know Before Season 11

Where To Watch Vanderpump Rules And What To Know Before Season 11

Lisa Vanderpump stands as the matriarch and driving force behind the Vanderpump Rules universe. A British restaurateur, businesswoman, and television personality, Lisa has become a prominent figure in the reality TV landscape. Born in London, she gained initial fame as one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, her role in Vanderpump Rules allowed her to showcase her entrepreneurial prowess and keen business acumen.


Vanderpump Restaurants and Locations


One of the central locations in the Vanderpump Rules series is SUR, an acronym for Sexy Unique Restaurant. Located in West Hollywood, SUR is not only a glamorous eatery but also a hotbed of drama, ambition, and relationships. Lisa Vanderpump’s presence as the owner adds a layer of sophistication to the restaurant, and the show often captures the staff’s personal and professional experiences.


TomTom, another establishment linked to Lisa Vanderpump, represents a different venture for the reality TV star. Tom Tom is a cocktail bar co-owned by Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, two key cast members of Vanderpump Rules. This bar, known for its trendy atmosphere and innovative drinks, showcases Lisa’s ability to expand her empire and collaborate with members of the cast in various business ventures. Another brainchild of this dynamic duo is Schwartz and Sandy’s, an eclectic cocktail lounge with cozy tables and funky wallpaper.


Pump, another establishment in Lisa Vanderpump’s portfolio, is a West Hollywood hotspot and a focal point in the show. This lounge and restaurant exude a trendy and upscale vibe, attracting both locals and celebrities alike. As with SUR and TomTom, Pump provides a glamorous backdrop for the cast’s interactions and showcases Lisa’s ability to create successful ventures in the competitive Los Angeles dining scene.


Bottega Taboo –  A Top Fine Dining Restaurant in the San Fernando Valley


Separate from the Vanderpump arsenal, but closely linked is Bottega Taboo, a restaurant in San Fernando Valley. A vibe house for Los Angeles’ hippest crowd, Tom Sandoval is a regular at this elevated restaurant and lounge located in Valley Village. Bottega Taboo’s interiors feel like another world outside of LA, a sanctuary from the rest of the city. 


Featured in season 11 of Vanderpump, Bottega Taboo offers Mediterranean and Asian fusion cuisine with cutting edge cocktails. Celebrity owner of Bottega Taboo, Lika O, is a natural fit within the Vanderpump world, bringing an extra touch of exotic sophistication. 


Where to Watch Vanderpump Rules? 


Season 11 delivers a landmark for Vanderpump Rules, running for more than a decade with two spin-offs to boot. Tune in on Bravo on January 30, 2024 for the latest Vanderpump Rules season premiere. Can’t wait? Check out the preview here.